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What our clients have to say about us

Due to our company policy and the privacy of all of our clients, we will not disclose online the full notarized testimonial.   They are available upon request or when you contact us to schedule an appointment.


"I owned an investment property for twelve years and had been renting it out to tenants. There were so many ups and downs that it was interfering with my primary business and I did not want to deal with it anymore. I was tired of constantly putting money in this property..."

Aysar A.


"Having listed our house in Reston on the multiple listing service (MLS) with an agent for over three months my family and I were very frustrated that it still had not sold. ..."

Prahbakar K.


"Working with Metro Housing Solutions has been a great experience. We made the tough decision to sell our home because we were tired of the commute back and forth to work. We put our house on the market with a realtor and unfortunately were unable to sell it..."

Felipe P.


"...I never anticipated that it would stay on the market as long as it did without an offer. After more than 80 days on the market and without an offer, I received a letter in the mail from Metro Housing Solutions... I thought, I had nothing to lose and decided to contact them. ..."

Ashraf T.


"…We are pleased with the terms and very happy to have sold our house to Metro Housing Solutions. Peggy and her team were professional and forthright. They answered every question I had and made it very easy to work with them. They have been very customer service oriented and I would recommend them to anyone selling their home."

Captain F. E.


"…Having my real estate license, and knowing the market in Northern Virginia I never imaged it would take my husband and I so long to sell our home in Sterling. Our house was only three years old, built in 2013..."

Judy K.


"…I highly recommend Metro Housing Solutions and Peggy to anyone who is considering selling their home. Pick up the telephone and make the call. I did and I am finally able to relocate to Florida and start the next chapter of my life."

Dale R.


"…I knew with the short time frame there was not anything I could do. I did know someone that could though. I reached out to Metro Housing Solutions, LLC. I explained what was going on and they were able to work with.."

Januari C.


"...My current property had been on the market for seven months with no offers. I had already purchased a new home and moved in. As such I was making two house payments, dual utility payments as well as insuring both properties..."

Michael C.
Former Judge


"...I would highly recommend Peggy Pierrakos and the Metro Housing Solutions team to my friends and family. They are very knowledgeable, professional and can deliver on what they promise."

Anthony D.


"…I did not want to deal with the headache of listing my property with a real estate agent. Having people come in and out of my home, thus causing me to leave for short periods of time. I had recently retired..."

Paul C.
Satisfied Seller Now Living in Waynesboro


"...I would highly recommend Metro Housing Solutions to anyone who is looking for a viable and alternative solution to selling their home.  Thank you again, Peggy and Dara for your excellent customer service..."

Darlene W.


"To anyone considering working with Metro Housing Solutions, I want to share how life saving the experience has been for me in working with them. I first received a call from Dara with Metro Housing Solutions after she saw my property listing..."

Victoria C.


"I want to thank you again for working with me on the property in London Towne in Centreville.  I had been referred by friends to the property... I wasn't in a position financially to take it on."

Shelly S.


"Dealing with rental properties has not been a lot of fun the last 7-10 years. We have had a lot of ups and downs with the real estate market changes and eventually my husband and I got pretty tired of having rental properties. …That is when we decided to put our properties on the market to sell…. The property had been on the market for more than ninety days with no offer. Around this time, we received a letter in the mail from Metro Housing Solutions. We thought we had nothing to lose and decided to contact them. ..We came to an agreement at our first meeting. I would highly recommend the Metro Housing Solutions team to our friends and family. They are very knowledgeable, professional and can deliver on what they promise.."

Rebecca F.

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