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Aysar A.

"I owned an investment property for twelve years and had been renting it out to tenants. There were so many ups and downs that it was interfering with my primary business and I did not want to deal with it anymore. I was tired of constantly putting money in this property...continue reading"


Judy K.


"…Having my real estate license, and knowing the market in Northern Virginia I never imaged it would take my husband and I so long to sell our home in Sterling...continue reading"


Paul C.

Satisfied Seller

"…I did not want to deal with the headache of listing my property with a real estate agent. Having people come in and out of my home, thus causing me to leave for short periods of time. I had recently retired...continue reading"

Your Highest Priority

We know your family, your business, your time and money are your most important priorities. We know that selling your house is disruptive and takes time away from your family. You can feel completely trapped while strangers traipse through your house telling you what’s wrong with it. Or you find yourself constantly cleaning to be ready for that troublesome showing that interrupts your life. If you get a satisfactory offer, you still have to put up with home inspectors, repair demands, and escrow waiting periods while the buyers try to get loan approval. And, as you know, loan approval is certainly not guaranteed. In the meantime, your family’s finances are dwindling with mortgage holding costs and repairs that can cost thousands – even tens of thousands – of dollars. If, by chance, you get to closing, you still have to pay closing costs and that enormous sales commission!

Want To Sell Your House Fast

It takes roughly 5-10 days to find the right realtor to list your house + 65 average days on the market + roughly 30-60 additional days from factors in the article in + 45 days to close escrow = roughly 145-180 days from start to finish.

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We know the traditional home selling experience can be very difficult.  Are you ready for an easier, quicker, and much less stressful experience?  Get in touch with us today.  Call the number below or fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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Choose when you want to move. Either immediately, a week, a month, or longer. We let you choose! Would you want to sell the house, but still live in it for awhile? Metro Housing Solutions also allows you to Rent Back in certain circumstances.

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Our goal is to make your home selling experience successful.

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